Monday, 18 January 2016



The new year begins with the birthdays of two PUTP citizens - Oskie and Elli.

Oskie is now three. He will tell you this by putting up three of his fingers. To celebrate this milestone a party was held. A couple of his little friends were invited over and they partied like the penguins do. There were balloons, games, and cupcakes.


A waddle of balloon penguins
Toss the fish...

...into the penguin!
If you recall, local resident Elliott is mad about snow. His two passions in life are shovelling snow and playing hockey. His favourite season is winter. And, we have never heard him utter the words, "I want to come in because I'm too cold".
Combine his love of winter activities with his friends and you have his ideal birthday party.

A few of Elli-bellies friends met at the local hill to celebrate his birthday. The weather was ideal, there was lots of snow, and the hot chocolate was warm. We partied for a couple of hours - fun in the snow.

The hill was covered in hard packed and icy snow - ideal tobogganing conditions.

Estimated speed 65 km/hr
Estimated speed 0 km/hr

After an hour or so everyone took a break to recharge with some hot chocolate and a cupcake.

The thermos worked great at keeping the chocolate hot

Maybe too much whipped cream Oskie?

A Minecraft Creeper cupcake

Creeper's a Minecraft thing
 Full of chocolate, sugar, and creeper?...they played in the snow.

Is that Frosty or did someone cover Oskie with snow again?!

Spray bottles filled with coloured liquid - endless fun...until the water runs out.

Back to the hill until your parents come kids. You're welcome parents for tiring them out.

There are so many people in the boy's life that one party was not enough. The next day a similar party was held with extended family to celebrate both boys birthdays. Sledding, back to the Place Under The Pine for hot chocolate, then cake.

Oskies penguin cake

Elli's hockey player cake

Hot Chocolate Bar

Happy 3rd Oskie

Happy 7th Elli


  1. Perfect parties to celebrate your boys. Happiest of days to both of them, and I hope their next trips around the sun are filled with wonderful and exciting adventures.

    1. Thanks Kim. They were both very happy little boys.