Monday, 31 August 2015



The PUTP jumped into their Delorean and took a trip back 30 years in celebration of Matty's 30th spin around the sun. 
Synth heavy music, the smell of hairspray, lack of smart phone distractions, moustaches (or whispy attempts at them), OV bottles, the dangling of bangles, pacman around every corner...even the Kool Aid man bursting through a wall! All these things and more filled the PUTPs. Fun reminders of the 80's were everywhere.

The citizens of the PUTP dressed up for the occasion, of course. They are always up for a practical lesson in history - especially fashion history!
No, this is not a throw back Thursday pic!

Every other guest that came also showed their passion for 80's fashion! Totally tubular dudes (and dudettes)

80's ladies.

The men wore more headbands than the ladies!
Madonna anyone?
As a bonus, a few of 'celebrities' made appearances.

The infamous PBS 'happy trees' artist Bob Ross not only showed, but, came bearing a painting of a landscape. Thanks Bob.

Mr Ross & his businesswoman wife.
A young Corey Hart, Bryan Adams, or Billy Idol (nobody actually confirmed his identity) rocked the place with some heavy guitar riffs and speedy neck tapping solos.

Promo picture only - not to be reused without permission

Even that 80's 'game' RUBIX cube grew some legs and walked in.

The original mind-craft game.
Everywhere this motley crew of guests looked 80's decor assaulted the senses.

A random decorated door.
A mirror framed by cassettes

A rubix cube side table
A 'nobody puts baby here' sign and a dead plant (just like Mama used to do 'em in the 80's)

VHS tapes and 80's era candy
Pac Man


Where is the beef? Outside on the grill.

No place was safe from the flashbacks...even the can.

Garfield and a 1983 Wayne Gretzky book - that there is some good readin'

Who hasn't tried that number?

The official birthday cupcake-cake was garnished with faces of the 80's. Of course, everyone wanted Tom Selleck.

Olivia Newton John, Wayne Gretzky, Vanna White, and Tom

How many faces can you put a name to?

ET, Twisted Sister, Madonna, Rambo, Qbert, Hulk
In the end, a Magnum PI look-a-like snagged the prized Tom Selleck cupcake.

Oh Magnum PI.
Pee Wee Herman

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Extra extra: In an attempt to give you a feel for what the party sounded like...

UltimateEighties internet radio station - All you need to play when having a throw back 80s party. Hear the music we had on the ghetto blaster...also known as the bluetooth speaker (whoops).

Ultimate 80s radio

Saturday, 8 August 2015


Let the Zucchini harvest begin!

The gigantic orange flowers are transforming into zucchs at an alarming rate. It does not seem to matter how quickly these summer squashes are picked they still seem to multiply. Where we find one there are more to come. Not to sound alarmist, but, the zucch plants and their squashy growths are overtaking the garden - the carrots are now hidden under the cover of the oversized zucchini leaves, the tomatoes are struggling to stay tall and rise above this pushy plant, and the kale has all but given up!

These blossoms are resting after a hard day in the sun 
See how this zucchini is pushing into the carrot tops?
All I can see is zucchini leaf
A stern warning has been given to the zucchini plant to pull back its leaves and allow the other plants to enjoy the sun or else a severe cutting will take place. The warning expires in two weeks. The countdown is on.

On a positive note, raspberry season has almost ended. Again the plants gave us so many berries that we had to find alternate uses for them. One thing that uses a ton of berries is a pie. Lolli took this task on and managed to squish six + cups in.

Lolli's pie
Another bowl
The next major crop that is predicted to overwhelm the appetites of the PUTP is cherry tomatoes.

Green tomatoes turn ripe quickly this time of year
I'll eat 'em right outta the garden