Monday, 22 April 2013


Rain & Waves OR Sunshine & Rainbows?

Weather Editorial

PINE TREE POST | April 22, 2012 - EARTH DAY

Water is the essence of life. We, as humans, are made up of about 90% water. It is thought that once upon a time we came from the water. Does it not seem like a bit of a paradox that when water falls from the sky we do not all go out, rejoice, and call it a 'beautiful day'?
Before we have been socially brainwashed into despising a rainy day, especially a rainy day at the beach, I believe we all had a natural - deep down in the base of our souls - love for all types of water. Take a toddler splashing in a puddle as the prime example - pure joy!
Perhaps it is time to think outside the social norms for a moment and consider the unthinkable - A TRIP TO THE BEACH ON A STORMY RAINY DAY!

Experimented Kid on the Shore of Lake Ontario
A recent experiment, by me, with a four year old showed surprising results. When taken to the beach on a rainy day this little guy was extremely happy and full of energy and excitement. He laughed and said only positive things the entire time he was 'exposed to the elements'. He exerted more physical activity than normal (climbing, running, throwing heavy stones in the lake) and did not seem strained or tired.
This is not the first experiment showing the positive effects water can have on human's physical and emotional states. In this case we had water from many angles and playing with many senses. There was water from above, water from below, water moving, water spraying, and water in sight. Along with the sounds of water falling and the almost overwhelming sound of waves crashing.

Water is such a part of us, but, it seems we may have forgotten this over time. Let us remember and start cherishing these moments with water. See you at the beach next time it rains.

8:00 am | Kingston

Monday, 8 April 2013



Pine Tree Post | April 2013

Most likely you have heard the drone of an audiobook, just after the official 'bedtime' in The Place Under the Pines. This is just one of the many new trends the younger generation has grabbed hold of. After the offical 'lights out', a faint blue LED glow coming from the CD player shines on an immobile figure, wrapped warmly under a blanket or two. If you listen hard you can hear passages from well loved children's novels like Ramona, Fudge, and Judy Moody. This will sometimes last upwards of an hour. Why are authorities allowing this extension of time? Time that is officially 'bedtime'.
Anectodal evidence showed that 'bedtime' was not being adhered to in the past. The younger folk were not settling down and falling alseep as quickly, or as easily, as one would hope. However, new studies are finding that this extra hour of non movement time, in a dark room, with relatively low stimulation, is allowing these young people to 'relax', allow their mind & body to 'slow down', and is resulting in a shorter falling asleep time.

Daytime reading has not changed much with hardcovers and small novels making up the content. Another mandatory boook from the Urban Farming Ministry was read last week, Big City Bees.

Big City Bees tackles the topic of pollinators in the city. Urban beekeeping is on the rise (on the highrise) and there are wider benefits than just the honey collected from these hives. Matthew and Sophie find out just how essential bees are to their hopes of growing a Halloween pumpkin. Along with this fun and simple story a wide range of complex topics on bees, fruit, and pollination are brought up. Facts on how bees contribute to our food supply, a discussion on the decline in bee population, tips on helping the bees, and other important and timely topics are weaved into the story. By the end of the book the kids were buzzing with questions.


On a much higher decibel level, O had a birthday recently, which involved fourteen screaming kids. The screams were of pure joy and delight, amplified by the echos found in every indoor pool. This year's celebration was a first, a first to take place outside the PUTP. Due to the lack of a swimming pool, authorities opted for a local rec centre, previously a juvenile detention type centre, which recently became available for rent. The event consisted of an hour of gym time, an hour of swimming, and an hour of party room time. The party room decor was the math equivalent of neutral, one 'boy' tablecloth (NHL theme) and one 'girl' tablecloth (pink), but, overall everything worked out wonderfully. A happy day was had by all.

8:00 | Kingston