Saturday, 2 May 2015



Pine Tree Post | Garden Update

The sun has finally shone its powerful beams down on the garden - things are growing!
The last week has seen the citizens of the Place Under The Pine hard at work getting the garden ready for another year of growing. Sticks, pine needles, garbage, and the lot have been cleared away leaving a blank slate of dirt just waiting to be planted. 
As with previous years, the Dirty Hands youth program is in place again encouraging the young ones to get involved in all aspects of the garden from planning to harvest. Last weekend the youngest member of the PUTP was out spreading some nice fresh black earth.

This little guy spread many bag of Black Earth - bought from Canadian Tire for 97 cents!
This weekend the first seeds were sown into the soil. A perennial favourite, and #1 garden food of Elli, the classic 'mixed salad lettuce' was planted. It is expected that this somewhat hearty green will sprout up and withstand any cool weather that could come its way.

Already clad in his summer outfit (bike helmet, shorts, and flip flops) Elli plants his fave garden food.
Last season a half dozen raspberry canes were transplanted to the front yard, along an used section of wall. Even in the shade of the house and the big pine tree the canes from last year are already growing bright green leaves...and new canes are sprouting up from the ground! It looks like a second raspberry patch is well on its way.

Welcome new plants, we will treat you well, and eat your berries.


  1. Looks like a great start on the gardening season. I love that it is a family affair :)

  2. Well done on your first plantings! Your raspberries look so healthy too! Happy gardening!