Saturday, 11 July 2015



Pine Tree Post | Garden Update

The garden has become an overflowing box of green. Local experts blame the weather. The ideal mix of rain one day and sun the next provide ideal conditions for this year's mix of garden plants to thrive. Listed below are some of the highlights.

Mr. Greenthumb doing some yoga beside the garden

LETTUCE - The plant that has gained the most from the wet/sun weather is the lettuce. A thick patch of leafy goodness continues to grow faster than it can be eaten by the local citizenry.

What would Peter rabbit think of this?

ZUCCHINI - The rain saturated soil sparked the zucchini plant to grow. And grow it did. In just two weeks it went from a small two leaf seedling to a massive garden-overtaking-pushy-neighbour to the surrounding plants.

Give it a centimeter it will take a meter

KALE - This plant seems to ignore the world around it and grows at a slow and steady pace. Recent harvests by local salad makers have thinned the plants, but, they seem undaunted and continue their consistent pace of growth.


Last year's kale plant lived through the winter and sprouted in the spring. It surprised local greenthumbs by quickly bolting and flowering...then producing pods filled with seeds. The garden committee is overjoyed at this situation and plans on taking full advantage of the seeds next year.
Yellow flowers turn into bean like pods filled with seeds

RASPBERRY - In between rainstorms the raspberry patch has been swarmed by bees of all types. Old timers say they had not seen this much activity from the local pollinators in 'near a decade'. The fruits of the bees labour have started to ripen - the first sweet, red, juicy, raspberry was pulled from the plant this week - and the canes are bowing from the abundance of berries. Another record year is expected.

Dense is how to describe the berry to plant ratio this year

Lolli tries the first raspberry of the year


  1. How I would love to have raspberries in my backyard!

    1. You should give them a try. They are very easy to care for and seem to do well in any soil.

  2. Looks great! And yay for raspberries. Our wild ones are ripe and ready to eat, our bushes are late season so still a few weeks til those are ready. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Kim, your garden looks great too.