Wednesday, 6 April 2016



A major reason theplaceunderthepine.blogspot exists is to document the lives of the Place Under The Pine's citizens. The founders of the blog intended to preserve memories for themselves to look back on in the future. In addition, they believed the younger citizens of the PUTP would enjoy looking at their younger selves in the future. There was also a distant dream that future generations would cherish the opportunity to see their ancestors progress through the different stages of life.
The make up of the current blog, with photos and words, is wonderful, but, it does have limitations. Which is why the Historical Archives & Preservation of the PUTP Culture Committee has launched a video collection, which they call The Weekly Vlog. The mandate of this collection is to showcase daily life around the PUTP in small 'snippets' of video. These videos will add a whole new dimension to the documenting of life in the PUTP - seeing the citizens in action, hearing their voices, and seeing their mannerisms. Priceless.
March 2016 will go down on record as the first month of The Weekly Vlog. This could be the start of the new way of record keeping in the PUTP. 
Below are the first few 'Weekly Vlogs'.
March 2016 Week 5 - Getting Ready For Bed | What Are We Reading
March 2016 Week 4 - Lib & Dad Do Errands | Park Time | Thrift Shopping | Easter
March 2016 Week 3 - Lolli's Birthday | Pasta Dinner
March 2016 Week 2 - A Game Of Pictionary | A Walk In The Woods | Colouring


  1. What a fun idea, and a great way to keep those memories alive :)

  2. Well done, love the videos!

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  4. fantastic idea! it is very different seeing their little bodies in motion and especially hearing their voices is so huge for looking back! way to go! i really need to video more myself.

  5. ps
    i was the one who published and deleted... was accidentally signed in with my husbands account :)