Wednesday, 25 May 2016


The citizens of the PUTP are back at fairy house building. You may recall the past couple of years, 2014 & 2015, there was a dire lack of fairy housing and chronic homelessness amongst the fairy folk. However, lately many humans have been helping out by building fairy houses in gardens across the country. So, the fairy housing crisis has been lessened, however, there are still pockets of fairies that are without homes. The problem is that fairies are very particular about their homes. It is known that a majority of fairies require homes with water, a pebble path, and a door into a tree. Most fairies like a home nestled in the middle of garden or in the shade of big old tree. However, there is a small pocket of fairies that like the opposite. They like a secluded house, in the sun, without a pond/pool...almost isolated from the rest of the fairy community. Fairy homes are typically not build for these fairy mavericks, they are build to accommodate the majority of faires. Which is why, this year our resident fairy house designer, Lolli, built an atypical fairy house named "Flowerpot-On-The-Step".
This house is located on its own, alone in a flower pot, with a wonderful view of the front garden and the historic front yard pine tree. This home is quaint and sunny - an ideal place for that fairy who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle. The small table allows for entertaining when needed, while the rock door hidden between the flowers gives that feeling one can slip away and remain unseen. This unique design is well suited for the anti social fairy who enjoys spending most of their time alone.

Simple and contained

A nice wiew of the surrounding garden


  1. It's adorable, and I bet the fairies love it :)

    1. Thanks Kim. The squirrels sure seem to like it, they dig through it almost everyday :)