Wednesday, 21 September 2016



A brand new pair of rubber boots is a rarity in the PUTP. The typical rubber boot is bought used, passed down through all kids, and is still in good enough shape to resell. Rubber boots are one of those essential pieces that seem to last forever.
Recently a shiny new pair of Elliot sized rubber boots were purchased. Being brand new they had that brand new smell, that brand new shine, and that brand new stiffness - they needed to be worked-in before actually being worn to school for a day.
Here is how Elliott achieved the worn-in look and feel.
Step 1 - Fill in the rustic sandbox with water (get your little brother to help)
Fill mudpit until water reaches edge of boot top

 Step 2 - Swish around with tools (and boots) until the water and clay/mud form into a thick soupy consistency.
This will be a messy job so wear appropriate clothing
Shovel in extra dirt if needed
Step 3 - Submerge your boots in the mudbath. Ensure you push down hard to really get into the muck.
Step 4 - Remove boots from the mud hole. It is important at this stage to leave some mud on the boots, this will remove all shine from the toe. Allow to dry naturally outside.


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