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Pine Tree Post | February 2013

Reading has always been a gauge in the Place Under The Pines. When times are busy reading levels tend to drop, just as when leisure time increase reading levels tend to shoot up.
The year 2012 was a boom year, with countless childrens books read, and around 120 novels finished (80-90 by Jen, 40-50 by Matt). However, a recent reading survey shows 2013 amounts are well shy of last year's record high. Prominent reader Matt comments,
"In the past month I finished one good sized novel, see my review here , which I felt was pretty quick, 'specially considering we just had a new baby in January.
Before our first was born, I read A Song of Fire and Ice series (aka The Game of Thrones books), thousands of pages in a month or two. After O was born, I don't recall finishing even a slim book for half a year or more."

The younger generation have kept their pages turning as their passion (and ability) for reading continues to grow exponentially. A milestone was hit the other day as E made it through his first 'chapter' book. It was Fern the Green Fairy.
E's First Chapter Book
These Rainbow Magic fairy books were a staple in the PUTP about two years ago. Dozens of these books were borrowed from the library and picked up at thrift sales.
It only took two days to go cover to cover on this one since E seemed captivated by the story. He could easily recall the plot and characters and is very interested in continuing the series*. 
*Update - Wednesday another Rainbow Magic fair book was taken out of the library.

Another recent read that was given high reviews was, Molly's Organic Farm.
 A simple book that introduces children to some complex ideas around organic farming, such as natural pest removal, companion planting, composting, and such.
This type of book is part of the PUTP supplementary education program (agricultural division) where the young are trained both in theory and hands on training in urban agriculture.
This book was read in coordination with the 2013 garden planning session, as well as on the heels of the PUTP land use report.

It is hard to tell just how the year will turn out. Reading volumes are expected to increase over the next few month, but, an exact date on when reading levels will return to 'normal' for the older folk is hard to pin down.

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