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Pine Tree Post  | AP | JANUARY 2014
The Population of the Place Under The Pine has grown by 20%! A new boy was born earlier this month, making a fifth person living in the PUTP. Currently, this new citizen is going by the name 'Oskie'.
This new addition was expected to bring more nightly noise complaints, but, luckily that prediction has not come true. The expected increase in laundry has come about. The noise of the washer and dryer can now be heard at all time of the day and night. As well, hampers full of laundry have been reported in all areas of the house.
The gross national income has decreased dramatically as outside work has dwindled. This trend is forecasted to last the next three months. To further worsen the trade deficit with the outside world, coffee imports have dramatically increase, doubling in the past week. To mitigate this negative situation the aroma of fresh brewed coffee is always in the air, causing a general good feeling throughout the citizens of PUTP.
Overall happiness is at an all-time high, further proving that love is stronger than money.

9:01am | Kingston

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