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Rain & Waves OR Sunshine & Rainbows?

Weather Editorial

PINE TREE POST | April 22, 2012 - EARTH DAY

Water is the essence of life. We, as humans, are made up of about 90% water. It is thought that once upon a time we came from the water. Does it not seem like a bit of a paradox that when water falls from the sky we do not all go out, rejoice, and call it a 'beautiful day'?
Before we have been socially brainwashed into despising a rainy day, especially a rainy day at the beach, I believe we all had a natural - deep down in the base of our souls - love for all types of water. Take a toddler splashing in a puddle as the prime example - pure joy!
Perhaps it is time to think outside the social norms for a moment and consider the unthinkable - A TRIP TO THE BEACH ON A STORMY RAINY DAY!

Experimented Kid on the Shore of Lake Ontario
A recent experiment, by me, with a four year old showed surprising results. When taken to the beach on a rainy day this little guy was extremely happy and full of energy and excitement. He laughed and said only positive things the entire time he was 'exposed to the elements'. He exerted more physical activity than normal (climbing, running, throwing heavy stones in the lake) and did not seem strained or tired.
This is not the first experiment showing the positive effects water can have on human's physical and emotional states. In this case we had water from many angles and playing with many senses. There was water from above, water from below, water moving, water spraying, and water in sight. Along with the sounds of water falling and the almost overwhelming sound of waves crashing.

Water is such a part of us, but, it seems we may have forgotten this over time. Let us remember and start cherishing these moments with water. See you at the beach next time it rains.

8:00 am | Kingston

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