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Hockey Fever - A common affliction to many inhabitants of northern climates, particularly Canadians, where the sport of ice hockey consumes much of their time and energy in the winter months.

The Place Under The Pine has come down with a viralent case of Hockey Fever this winter. It has taken hold of every citizen, young and old. The situation is a shock to many and is being labelled a medical abnormality by researchers. The disease seems to have come out of nowhere and afflicted even the most unlikely candidates (Lolli).
The most frightening aspect of this epidemic is the fact that the PUTP is not a typical breeding ground for this disease. The ideal environment for this disease to blossom and spread is in a 'hockey household', one where parents play (or played) hockey. Even the 'sporty household' is a place where this fever often takes springs up.
The place where this disease is extremely rare is the 'artsy' household. PUTP falls into this category. A place where the parents did not play hockey as kids, they do not self identify as 'sporty', they actively discouraged organized sports and encouraged their young to paint, write, and play music. Only a few short years ago the atmosphere was so anti-sport that sporting equipment such as balls were not kicked and thrown but covered with blankets and turned into 'babies'. Then along came E.
Soon after E was born the dynamic of the PUTP changed. The balls that once sat in cradles were now being kicked around the house. Youtube videos of hockey goals were being viewed on the laptop. Hockey Night In Canada was making a more regular appearance, mostly as a motivating (aka bribe) tool for E.
Then, almost two years ago now, Oskie was born. The addition of another like minded boy (rough and tumble who kicked balls before they could walk kind of boy) shifted the paradigm even more. The 'artsy' label was still as strong as ever, but, another label was slowly being formed as well - the 'sporty' label.

It is believed the PUTP contracted Hockey Fever the day E was signed up for hockey. Before this day hockey was a very small part of life. Other extra curricular sports, such as soccer, were given a backseat. Life was never allowed to be influenced, changed, scheduled by something as useless as a sporting event. E's passion changed all that. It is believed he was the carrier.

From the first day of hockey tryouts, E's joy and happiness radiated through the PUTP. He had found something he really truly loved doing. It was not an easy thing for all the citizens in the PUTP to understand, it was just a sport, but, they did see the happiness, confidence, and passion growing in E every week. That is when the hockey fever went rampant!

Last week the fever peaked:

FRIDAY NIGHT: All of the citizens of the PUTP were at the Kingston Frontenacs game. They all watched, they all cheered, and they all had a great time. Kingston won 5-0.

The horns for cheering were put to good use, even as hats for the toddlers in the crowd.

Oskie sat right through the entire game, cheering louder than many around us.

Jen and Matt have also been infected by the hockey fever.
The cotton candy was one of the highlights of the game for Lolli
In his element.
What kid doesn't like the Zamboni. Oskie waves to them.

The thrill after a goal.

It did get a little rough at the end.


Not only was Elliott at the rink playing hockey, but, Oskie (and even) Lolli were working on their skills too.

Oskie has some mad stickhandling skills

Lolli isn't afraid to dig in those corners

A couple of extra hours were spent at the arena that day. It was picture day, so the entire team lined up to get a shot of them in their uniforms. Practice was scheduled to happen about an hour later, so instead of heading home they all stuck around and played ball hockey in the hall.

A common sight in arenas across the country

Practice is always interesting. It amazes many how fast the kids pick up the skills, they go from constantly falling to skating like pros in only a few weeks. 

There are still a few falls, but, he is right back up and skating hard a second later.

Look for the orange laces. That is how you spot E.

Even after the practice, time is spend hanging out watching the other kids play.

He could sit their all day watching the 7 year old 'All Stars'.
The weekend was completely dominated by hockey. The citizens of the PUTP woke up at a certain time because of it, spent 10-12 hours in an arena watching or playing hockey, and Oskie's vocabulary is now half hockey jargon. This sport has taken over the hearts and minds of this household and they seem to be enjoying it - that is hockey fever at its worst.

#12 scores again!

Kingston | 6:30


  1. Whooo hoooo!!! Well we are not hockey fans, I did grow up in a hockey household...I was usually reading in my room as the rest of my family cheered away :)

    Enjoy the hockey season.

    1. Thanks Kim, we are enjoying things so far. It's funny though how kid's grow and develop their own personalities eh?

  2. I know from 15+ years of experience that once you've caught this bug it's difficult, if not impossible, to get rid of. However, there are far worse things you could be afflicted with, so enjoy this frigid disease and your family time...

    p.s. Here is a quick post with a few suggestions for you and other hockey parent newbies


    1. I'll agree with you Jeff, there are far worse things to be afflicted with :)

      Your suggestions for new hockey parents are great - the other hockey tales (and fails) on your blog are a pretty good read too. I'll be sure you keep you updated on our adventures this year - and avoid posting his corsi stat weekly (.25 and trending up if interested).