Sunday, 18 May 2014



The rate of homelessness for the fairy community is virtually unknown. From anecdotal evidence it appears the rate may be higher than initially thought as many fairies report sleeping in curled up flowers and under leaves.
With this concerning fact in mind the younger citizens of the PUTPs vowed to help in some way. The idea, similar to Habitat for humanity, was to build a house for those that lack one. In this case, a fairy house meant for fairies.
This posed a bit of a challenge, as nobody truly knows what the perfect fairy house would look like. However, some general ideas were agreed upon.

1) Location: It had to be outside. Built into the trunk of a mature tree. Out of direct sunlight, but still bright and cheery. Near water, ideally a small brook with little waterfalls.

2) Design and Colour: A natural look, yet, bright and colourful. Incorporating flowers and butterflies would be a perk.

Was there a way we could do this?

As Bob the Builder would say, "YES WE CAN"!

Work began in the front yard, in the shade of the pine tree. A spot was cleared of pine needles and a small pool was excavated. The volunteers were very upbeat and excited to see the final result.

Rocks and gems were arranged around the pool to give it a more natural look. A light up toadstool added near the edge was both functional and whimsical - perfect for this fairy house.

A bright fence was added to attract attention. The attention of both fairies and the lawn mower man.

A colourful walkway was put into the place to give focus and a welcoming feel to the house. Apparently a rainbow Popsicle stick path is the fairy equivalent of the red carpet to us humans.

Another added feature (on the left hand side) was the butterfly garden. A must have on new fairy construction.

The aerial view is very important when building a fairy house, as they often fly by when house hunting. This fairy house looks great and has everything a modern fairy could want in a house. Thanks to the goodwill, hard work, and master planning of the PUTPs.

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  1. Not sure how happy E looks...but even I want to live there!