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MOUA - GU1-2014
Work on the 2014 garden has started. The Ministry of Urban Agriculture has slightly modified production and refocused planting to increase output of the vegetables the citizens of the Place Under the Pine enjoy eating.
Brussels Sprouts, which were enjoyed by all last year, were planted in abundance this season. Six plants are thriving in the back row of the garden. Last years garden.
Zucchini, Lettuce, and an Eggplant are also to be included in this years planting plan.
Eggplant (left), Brussels Sprout (right)

The return of two strawberry plants, along with one new one, are expected to sharply increase the output of strawberries. 
Hoping all those flowers turn into berries

The one plant in section 4B has outgrown anything in the garden up to this point. The secret. In fall, or perhaps early winter, a cushion from one of the patio chairs somehow landed in the garden on top of this plant. It was then frozen there over the winter, covered with snow and ice, thereby shielding the plant from the worst of this terrible winter. This strange situation has really shown that a plan for winter coverage should be looked into this year.
The Ministry has also attempted, for the first time, to grow seeds from a previous garden plant. Some seeds from the orange heirloom tomatoes, which did extremely well in the garden in 2013, were saved. They have sprouted and are now in the process of being 'hardened'. Estimated time until planting is one to two weeks. Experts are optimistic they will survive and be the new cost effective way of growing a portion of our tomatoes in the future.
It may not look pretty, but all this stuff was headed to the garbage
The only new plant being tested this year is cabbage. Seedlings are also being 'hardened' off and expected to be planted in one to two weeks. Concerns over the cabbage moth, which effect both cabbage and brussels sprouts, have prompted research into prevention methods. The garden may have to be draped with light cloth or fine mesh in the near future, thereby making it the most fashionable garden in the neighborhood.

The most exciting news it the newest hand to get dirty this year. Oskie is old enough to start earning his keep, and enjoying some time throwing dirt around. So far he has been the most enthusiastic helper of the three.

Removing sticks. A vital task to make this garden grow.

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