Friday, 2 January 2015



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On a cold Saturday morning the Dark Blue Team took on the Dark Green Team in an actual game - with referees, line changes, and everything.

The following video shows some of the highlights of the game

With freshly sharpened skates, new tape, and a bottle of coffee, this little hockey player was ready to play! Right from the drop of the puck the action was intense. Lots of ooh and aahs from the crowd. Lots of falling players. Lots of hard skating. At around the three minute mark of the first, E skated hard down the ice and managed to put one past the goalie. The first goal of the game brought a thundering cheer from the packed stands. Humbly he high fived his teammates and headed back to face off circle.
The rest of the game was a barn burner, with the puck making its way from one end of the rink to the other with surprising speed. There were countless breakaways and two on nones as both teams were apparently going with the full offence strategy - the defence was a second thought.
Luckily, for the Dark Blue team they had an outstanding goalie with years of experience (in the form of two older brothers) to fall back on. He managed to shut the door on every shot.
In the end the score was 6 - 0 for the Dark Blue Team, but, the chances and the effort put in by both teams was awe inspiring.
I cannot wait to report on the next game.

Kingston | 12:00

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