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The following scene repeats itself weekly - the kitchen floor is strewn with those reusable grocery bags, all filled with cans, fruit, bread, and sometimes pastries. The kitchen counter beside the fridge is overcrowded with dairy products, sometimes toppling over onto the stovetop. Oskie is toddling around playing with the three food long receipt from the No-Frills, while Lolli steps around him, diligently bringing in the 'Costco run' from the Van. Jen is sitting in front of the fridge sorting and organizing the contents, solving the never ending puzzle of how-do-you-fit-so-many-groceries-in-there.
Yet, in little more than a week this overstocked refrigerator will be bare except for condiments and a few tupperware containers half filled with leftovers (most of which head to the greenbin soon after). Where does all this food go? I can account for some of it in the pictures below. The rest, mysteriously disappears bit by bit each time the kids say, "I'm hungry".

Food is prepared, eaten, prepared, endless cycle.

The weeks heading up to Christmas were an especially busy time in the PUTP. With many events, shopping, and even carolling, the time available for cooking was very limited. You may notice a few questionable food choices...but, doesn't everyone have those days right before Christmas?

Breakfast - The most important meal of the day.
No content. Not the best start to the day, or this blog post.

Lunch - A mix of school lunches and home lunches.

Pizza quesadilla - Thanks for the idea Natasha
Typical Matt lunch
A fried egg sandwich on an english muffin (with ketchup). This 'sandwich' was found in the kid's lunch on a few occasions too. More in Lolli's lunchbox than E's.
The above picture shows Matt having a very sophisticated looking lunch at his desk at work. Notice the french press coffee (a blend called Folger's) and the chocolate (an Xmas present from his boss).

What kid wouldn't love soybeans in their snack? Paired with some colourful berries and a homemade muffin. Tradesies anyone?

Deli meat sandwich and dark blue fruits
This lunch seemed to have a blue theme, with the berries and plum. Combine that with avocado (small container on right) and a deli meat sandwich (Salami on right, Turkey on left) and voila! you have a hit with the foodie kids of kindergarten.

Two identical lunches
The sight of two identical lunches is becoming a rare sight. However, pasta, apple sauce, muffins, grapes are loved by one and all.

The addition of couscous
Mmm couscous
Couscous 'salad', mixed with lentils, olives, and peppers is something different you can add to the lunch menu chart. This dish is not loved by all, but, is a welcome change from day after day of sandwiches or wraps.

The "Friday" lunch
Ahh, the Friday lunch. The lunch you are not particularly proud of. When groceries are low, and you scramble to fill the small container with cheese and cracker and only find saltines. When you make a 10:55 pm trip to the grocery store Thursday night and buy prepackaged deli meat and the last of the day old buns. You may even pair similar looking fruit together such as pears and apples. Luckily, most of this will be eaten.

Friday can be cheap eat day!
Sometimes even Matt has a Friday lunch - a nice mug full of 'Mr. Noodles' embarrassing. On the plus side this dish only costs approx 33 cents!

Leftover lunch
Luckily, Matt usually has the leftover lunch to deal with. In some cases it is Boston Pizza, homemade bran muffins (his fav), and some fruit...sometimes it is not.

Tuna melts, fruit, and cookies
Yummers, look at that Tuna melt.
Home lunches were more on the hot side this month as the weather cooled down. Warm sandwiches and soups were seen regularly on the table.

Habitant soup, apples, and tea...that'll warm you on a frigid day
Salad pic, with a salami sandwich creepin' in the background
There was, of course, a salad or two. Blue cheese dressing was given out in generous portions.

Dinner - The 'big' Meal!

*drool* White pasta...White bread *drool*
Pasta is a quick thing to prepare on those busy days. And, even though the citizens of the PUTP know that whole wheat pasta is so much healthier than white, sometimes they pick taste over health. Good for them!

VH sauce is the secret
Pork roast with Medium garlic VH sauce is a regular meal in the PUTP. Paired with easy to heat vegetables like frozen corn it is a tasty meal.

Looks much healthier with that salad eh?
Caught on camera was not one, but, TWO, Delissio pizzas being pulled from the oven. This is a sight not seen in over two years! When will we see it again?

Meatballs, pineapple, tomato sauce = Swedish meatballs
Not only available at IKEA, swedish meatballs are a crock pot speciality of the PUTP. Sweet, hot, and filling they are a great end to a cold day of christmas shopping.

Classic Turkey Dinner
Even before Christmas a turkey was cooked up. This meal, and all the leftovers, feed the PUTP for days. A very cost conscious meal as well when the turkey is bought on super sale.

Baked pasta and garlic bread
A great looking meal was not loved by all the citizens of the PUTP. The baguette covered in butter and garlic powder was eaten without complaint. However, the ravioli in alfredo sauce caused one little guy to leave the table and storm upstairs in a fit of rage. It's strange how food can sometimes bring out such emotion in people.

Lolli goes Vegetarian.
During the month of December, Lolli decided she did not want to eat meat anymore. The head cook decided to embrace this idea and made many dishes with no meat, or with meat substitutes. Good vegetarian meals are always in high demand, so what better time to find some?

Doesn't that look like meat?!
A nice hearty, even meaty looking, chili was cooked up to rave reviews.

One meat substitute
TVP or Textured Vegetable Protein was the meat substitute added to the chili to give it that meaty look and feel. 

Yum, pad thai stir fry
Tofu is a meat substitute with a bad rep.
Stir fry with tofu is a well known vegetarian dish. Switch out the chicken for the tofu. 

Or, you can just add the chicken back into another dish...for the non vegetarians.

Smokin' Stampede Chicken Wings!
President's Choice Smokin' Stampede chicken wings are the wing of choice in the PUTP. Blue cheese dressing and veggies on the side make a great late night snack for the adults.

As a side update: Lolli has returned to the dark side and is eating meat again.

Baking - The part you have all been waiting for.

Brownies with TEA...a surprisingly good combo.
Cookie or muffin?
So hearty it eats like a meal.
Dog kibble - made of chocolate and chex cereal
Haystack that lacked the stack
These blueberry muffins are not dead, it was just the lighting

Plain Bran - not Raisin Bran
Carrot cake in muffin form - is that even possible?

Hope you all had a merry Christmas

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