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The big, heavy, need-a-parent-to-carry, equipment bag filled with the goalie equipment has been circulating around the Blue Team players. If a player wants to try goal, no problem, there is a complete set of goalie equipment to borrow. Elliott took up the challenge and the bag was brought home to the Place Under The Pine.

It only took approximately a half hour of struggling to get him suited up. After he did some jumping around making imaginary diving saves he was all ready to make this video promoting his upcoming game...

Game day was exciting. After squeezing on his jersey and doing up the last buckles on his helmet he stood with his team watching the Zamboni finish clearing the ice. He was jostled and pushed by his teammates until he was at the front of the line - b/c one of the customs in this hockey subculture we are learning about is that the goalie always hits the ice first.
It did not take long, only one fall, before he got his skates under him and looked as steady as he always does. Similarly, in net he took a little time to get his bearings set and learn the ups and downs of going up and down on his pads. A half hour later he looked like a veteran goalie, which was a good thing because that is when the game started.
With his team and his fans behind him he took to the ice and headed for his net...

In a quick after game interview in the locker room Elliott commented on his game. "Did you see at the end? I made four saves in a row! Wasn't I awesome."
Spoken like a true athlete. Focus on the positive is what we say around here.

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  1. Awesome job Elly! It is hard not to get swept up in hockey when he is playing. :)