Sunday, 1 February 2015



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The Boys both had birthdays last week. As you may know, they were both born in January, separated by only one day. This makes one hectic week for birthday parties.


Up first was Oskie. He turned the ripe age of 2 this year.

Here he is nursing for the last time before he turns the big 2.

For his birthday party he opted for a hockey theme. "Hockey" is the most used word in his vocabulary. So, without fail, when asked what kind of birthday party he would like his answer was "hockey".
A pack of his little friends were invited over to celebrate and play games.

Friday morning: the Place Under The Pine was decked out with lots of hockey decor...

The Score Board with symbolic numbers.

A string of hockey cards.

The Stanley Cup

Happy B-day sign with an ice rink background

Here they are playing a hockey version of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. This version is put-the-equipment-on-the-hockey-player.

This game was lovingly made, by the hands of Oskie's mother, out of felt. Felt is the ideal material for this game and for this age group. Paper would be crumpled, ripped, and eaten. Metal would scar both the wall and the child. Also, felt will cling to other felt pieces, eliminating the need for a pin, nail, thumbtack, or other such device. As any parent will tell you, it is not a good idea to give pins, nails, thumbtacks or similar devices to two year old children.

Cake was enjoyed by all. As any parent will tell you, two year old children love cake so much they want to spread it across their face and absorb it into the skin.

Oskie has come a long way in his second year. From this...

January 2014 - 1 year old
to this...

January 2015 - 2 years old

Happy Birthday little guy.


  1. Looks like a fun celebration. Happy birthday Oskie, may your next trip around the sun be filled with lots of good things.

    1. Thanks Kim, he had a great time with his friends playing. It's cute, to me, that he has little friends now. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next trip around the sun brings too.

  2. Another year of pure sweetness and awesomeness! I can't wait!