Monday, 7 September 2015



Bowl after bowl of cherry tomatoes are coming into the Place Under the Pine. They are being eaten in all sorts of ways; raw, in salads, in pasta dishes. However, in the next week or two the volume of tomatoes is expected to far exceed the needs of the PUTP. Friends and neighbours may find bags full of cherry tomatoes on their doorsteps.

One of the countless bowls filled with shiny tomato goodness

Here is one of the many vines of tomatoes that will ripen in the next week.
In the last garden update (update five) the zucchini plant was overrunning the garden and was given orders to stop expansion or face a severe cutting. Two weeks later the plant was given a warning trim. This warning was not taken seriously. The growing and spreading did not stop, therefore, drastic measures were taken. In an unprecedented move the garden committee used the Death Shears to enforce an eviction notice.

The 'Death Shears'

The Death Shears in action

The man enforcing the eviction notice - he pulled his socks up for this job
We thank the zucchini for all of the nourishing squashes it gave us. Many meals over the summer were rounded out with BBQ'd zucchini slices. This winter will also be more enjoyable as the zucchini that was grated up and frozen will make some wonderful breads and muffins. Thank you. We expect to see you again next summer.

Freezer - four green pouches of zucchini
Not to be forgotten the Raspberry plant has amazed us again. Shooting a sprout out from between the patio stones metres away from any real soil and/or the garden.

This plant is a survivor


  1. I am loving tomato season, they are so sweet this year. Your poor zucchini, I wonder if it will learn a lesson and be a little more careful next year :)

    1. Our tomatoes are really tasty this year too.
      As for the zucchini plant - I really do have a heart, but, with limited space sometimes the Death Shears need to come out. :)