Monday, 26 October 2015



Approx one week ago some lovely kale was cut from the garden. It was the last edible plant growing in the 2015 garden. Within minutes of the last kale stem being snipped, a yellow Tonka truck and digger drove into the garden and did some dirty work.

The last of this year's kale

One of the dozen giant bowlfuls grown in the 2015 garden
As the Tonka trucks cleared away any evidence of the 2015 garden ever existing a laugh could be heard. A laugh of pure, unabashed joy.
Since that day many holes have appeared - one hole measuring over a foot deep. The soil has been churned better than if six pigs were given free reign of the backyard for a weekend. A dirt digging service may be started up in the near future with two energetic boys as key employees.

Ha ha haaa
Only feet away, quietly minding her own business, Lolli was enjoying herself as well. Her first pet was being given a home. She had caught a ladybug and was preparing a container filled with the kinds of things she thought a ladybug would like - flowers, leaves, rocks.

As a special end of the season treat, the Garden Committee has made a short garden video.
The Committee attempted to take pictures of the garden at one week intervals, in the same location, at the same angle, to make an interesting video showing the cycle of the PUTP's tiny garden.
There is much to improve on for next year, but, for a first year project it came out ok...mediocre, but, ok.
Without further ado - The Garden Over Time

Until next year...

Eat your yellows.


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    1. Yes, I told the garden to take a break - we'll see it next year.

  2. What a pleasure to read your blog on the other side of the country! We're no longer in the Tonka truck phase, and I remember that fondly :) Brett