Friday, 30 October 2015



Sometimes those simple meals can be the most satisfying thing on the menu. Lately the citizen of the Place Under the Pine have been eating simple and loving it.

Macaroni and tomato juice - all it takes is two ingredients to make this wonderful meal. Add a bit of cheese still keeps it simple, but, adds much more flavour.

Perfect Autumn Food
Beans on toast - A can of beans on toasted white bread may not hit the top ten list of healthiest meals, but, for the PUTP it is a well loved classic that is enjoyed a few times during the year.

Any flavour of canned bean will work - with molasses, with syrup, with wieners even?

Meat, potatoes, and a vegetable (or two) - Not much doctoring with these ingredients to make them oh so tasty. This simple combination of food, a throw back retro meal for many, is not seen around the PUTP very often. But, recently this meal style has made a couple of appearances.

Meatloaf, potatoes, brussels, and corn niblets

Pork roast, carrots, squash, and potatoes

Simple ideas for Lunchboxes

Cereal and raisin trail mix

Cheese and crackers (wrap in plastic if made the night before to prevent sogginess the next day)

Fried egg sandwich. Don't forget the ketchup!
Add a dip - simple as that
To simplify lunch making for the multi kid family make identical lunches and snacks

Simple Desserts - There are many options for simple desserts. A bowl of fresh fruit or maybe some jello. But, in the PUTP dessert is more often a complicated affair involving layers, creaming, numerous ingredients, processing, baking, waiting, the end always scrumptious.

Coconut cream awaiting whipped cream


  1. Beans on toast, that takes me back to my childhood. My dad is English, and that was a regular in our lunch time rotation at home. I can't remember the last time I had it, might have to make a plan to have some soon.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. with sports upon us and short days... we have been falling back on simple meals again and again. i bet my kids would love the macaroni with tomato juice :) and the beans on toast.