Monday, 30 November 2015



What has kept the citizens of the PUTP oh so busy lately? A mixture of crafting and helping to set up and run a craft sale for the kids' school. The energy around the PUTP has been full of creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and charity as every person (young and old) has gotten involved in this event at some level.
Many hours and countless litres of creative juice were used by local crafters who made a variety of things; felt ornaments, rainbow loom bracelets, playdough kits in jars, and stockings.

Felt owls - natural habitat is a Christmas tree.

Grammy and Elli take their shift at the sale
The day of the actual event was hectic, but, as anyone who has taken on events like this (even for a great cause) know how time consuming and energy depleting they can be. They will also know the great feeling of satisfaction and pride when the events are successful. And, this event was such a success that it will have to be repeated next year! Click here to see more.

In addition to the crafts and baked goods there was a henna artist

Oskie was one lucky recipient of a henna dolphin

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  1. What fun! And those owl ornaments are adorable!