Friday, 24 June 2016



The bees are buzzing around the garden. It is a sight, and a sound, that brings a smile to the faces of most of the citizens of the PUTP. It means raspberries are only a week or two away. The bushes this year are overflowing with blossoms. Perhaps a combination of drastic cutting in the fall of older canes and extra rope supporting the canes this year has opened up the plant to allow more sunlight (and bees) to get in. The garden specialists will find out in a few weeks.

Baby raspberries are growing fast.
Below the bushes the kale is making great progress, it is a wonderful green and tall, and has already been mixed into a few salads.

Peas are a plant that has never been cultivated in the PUTP, but, even with the lack of experience with this plant the peas are stretching their tiny tendrils and quickly making their way up the jute and stick supports.

Another new addition to the garden is parsnips. There was some worry as parsnip seed germination takes up to three weeks. Germination this long is rare around these parts. It was thought that this crop failed to take root, until late last week when a few minuscule leaves broke the surface.

The East Garden is working out great. There have been no holes in the lawn or the vegetable garden since this rustic sandbox was put into use. 

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