Friday, 9 June 2017



The citizens of the Place Under The Pine were surprised this year to find the garden had started growing without their help and guidance. Mother Nature had worked her magic.

Lettuce, from last season, had somehow taken root or seeded it self and had gotten a head start on the growing season. Fast forward to now, early June, and the citizens of the PUTP are already harvesting lettuce! This is a new record. The quantity is also surprising, as there is already more lettuce than the citizens can eat. They have been gifting it to any and all that visit, but, there is still many square feet of the vibrant green leaf growing in the garden.

The prized raspberry bushes are doing well again this season. They have started to flower, which is a great sign that berries are on the way. The plant has also spread its wings and attempted to take root outside of the garden again. This year shoots have popped up in between the patio stones (a dozen feet away) and in random spots throughout the backyard. These 'offspring' will be dug up and given away to other local gardeners. 

The following video is 6 mins of lettuce, raspberry bushes, other sprouting plants, and a vinaigrette recipe. Set aside some time and enjoy:


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