Sunday, 9 July 2017



The Place Under the Pine Garden Committee is having a difficult time describing this year's garden. Many adjectives have been ping ponging across the table, words like 'mediocre', 'blah', 'non-normal distribution', but none of these words seems to fit. It may be because of the variety in growth. Let us specify - the prized raspberry bushes are small and do not seem to be as full as normal, yet the lettuce is so abundant it has become a nuisance. The zuchinni is slow, but, the corn seems to be doing great! Then the brussel sprouts they are doing average, but, have ill-forming leaves. The peas do not want to climb, but, they are looking healthy and green.
The continuous rain this year may have something to do with the variable growth - we've had much more rain than normal and less sun as well. It may be the soil just needs the equivalent of a nutrient rich smoothie. It may also be the analyst, the human eye in all of this. Maybe the gardener is being overly critical to keep expectation low - playing it safe.

Here is a quick video showing the garden's progress and a recipe for a makeshift fertilizer soup.

On a more dramatic note, some of the corn plants were recently weed-whacked by our Condo Corporations landscapers.

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