Monday, 17 June 2013

PUTPMOUAYTP aka "Dirty Hands"

Ministry of Urban Agriculture 

Update 1.1_2013

The practical component of the Place Under The Pines Ministry Of Urban Agriculture Youth Training Program (PUTPMOUAYTP for short), also known as "Dirty Hands", is scheduled to begin in May. The Dirty Hands program has a tentative date of when-we-get-back-from-Disney-World, but, is always dependent on the weather.
The curriculum may vary slightly, but, a general outline has been drafted.
1) Onion planting
2) Lettuce start up
3) Zucchini research
4) Raspberry fencing
5) Personal garden or container planting

This little guy is ready to get his hands dirty.

This little girl is learning about the benefits of watering

A theoretical component will also be incorporated during this time. Subjects inlcude,
1) Topiary primer / Flat Stanley story / Microclimate lecture
2) Eggshells / Calcium / Slugs-be-gone lecture

In addition, a recreational club - Flower Power - is recruiting.
Flower Power is a non-profit educational group whose mandate is to encourage planting and care of flowers. Community beautification is a secondary goal.
"Come on out to make friends and flowers!"
Official PUTPMOUA Update

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