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(Dirty Hands formerly known as PUTPMOUAYTP)

Ministry of Urban Agriculture

Update 1.2_2013

The practical component of the Dirty Hands program is in full swing. Many of the students are getting a feel for the hard manual work of digging dirt. All of the students have reported positive feedback, even when encountering squirmy worms.

Safety is high on the agenda with mandatory helmets and closed toed footwear.

There are many new plant varieties being attempted this year with mixed success.
One new vegetable for this season that appears to be thriving is a childhood favourite - the brussel sprout. Since transplanting the brussel sprout plant has expanded from a small three leaved plant to an ever expanding burst of greenery (see image 1A below). 
Another newcomer whom appears to be having success in our garden is the green zucchini. The Ministry opted to plant the compact 'patio' version, which is intended for pot growing on balconies or similar small spaces, to get the most effective use out of the limited area available. Three mounds with four seeds in each were hand planted by Dirty Hands students. As of date, all seeds have started sprouting (see image 1B below)
1A - Brussel Sprout
1B - Zucchini
One experimental project that has yet to bloom is the 'Melon Patch'. A small area of approx 4' square on the East side of the yard was dug out and boxed in. Four melon transplants were placed in the 'Melon Patch'. Three have since withered and died. The remaining one leaved sprout has remained unchanged in size, which we believe indicates it is not growing.
Melons were a new addition this year, as was the 'Melon Patch'. Therefore, soil or location may be the reason this project did not succeed. An investigation and full report will be initiated as soon as possible.

The failed 'Melon Patch'

 The remaining plants in the garden are all thriving. Repeat favourites such as the strawberry (see image 2A) and the 'Spring Mix' lettuce (see image 2B) are already producing. However, of the three strawberries so far, two have been eaten by the birds (unknown species, but, there is one suspicious looking blue jay whom authorities would like to question). The Dirty Hands students did get a taste of one almost ripe strawberry and reported it to be of good quality and 'sweet'.
2A - 'Sweet' Strawberry

2B - Lettuce "Spring Mix"
Official PUTPMOUA Update

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