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May 2013 | Not Under The Pine Press

Here is the ideal situation : Children held tight to parents. Little ones strapped to a parent's body. Children appear to have a healthy/pragmatic fear of crowds.
It is possible to take your children to a very crowded and busy place like Disney World, but a few precautions must be taken. First off keep it simple; get in and get out. The crowds are too big for you to be ill prepared. 
  • You need to plan your day in detail. For eg. Go in, get picture by Cinderella's castle, then leave before the crowds get too dense. 
  • Always maintain contact with your children to prevent them from getting separated and lost. If possible hold them tight, not bruising tight, but, security level tight. Leashing them is also an option.
  • All children under the age of three should be strapped to a parents body in a carrier of some sort. If viable, those over the age of three that are under fifty pounds should also be strapped and carried by a parent.
  • Question all those in costume. You don't know who is under that mask, they could be a cast member or they could be a visitor dressed up. Ask for official verification when a costumed figure approaches your party.
  • Stay out in the open and avoid dark places. Keep to open places such as the centre of Main Street USA and avoid dark rides such as The Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain.
  • Talk to your children before hand about the dangers of strangers, contagious diseases, and the unethical behaviour of corporate media giants.
  • Familiarize your group with an emergency evacuation plan, again keep it simple. Something such as : Run like the dickens to parking lot Donald-15 to our car and gun it home, should suffice.
  • Last, but not least, ENJOY. Take a moment every ten minutes to look at the scenery and relax. That is after a sufficient scan of the crowd and a run through of the secret family codewords.

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