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Anecdotal evidence suggests that people, in general, are drawn to water. Is this for survival, or is there a deeper almost spiritual side to our relationship with the wet stuff? You may recall a similar story from Earth Day 2013, click here.

A recent quasi experiment on the shores of Lake Ontario, involving a couple of children from the Place Under the Pine, is hard evidence that water is like a magnet to the human soul.
On a warmer than usual Sunday afternoon, two subject we will call E and O2 (O squared), were escorted down to the shores of a rocky beach in the west end of Kingston.

O2 (Left)  -  E (Right)
 These subjects were instructed to play with the rocks, throw the rocks in the water, etc. They took part in this task for half a minute before they suggested touching the water. They were drawn to it. Even with their social training/instructions from an adult, that they were only near the water to throw rocks in, their minds were being manipulated by the water.

The rock throwing did not last long
The subjects were given permission to put only their toes in the water. Again, the water pulled at their sense of boundaries/rules and temporarily disengaged them.
This caused one of the subjects (O2) to 'fall' in. Fall, being a relative term, as the subject did fall but it was no accident.
This lead to the other subject (E) to disregard the plan/instructions for only toes in the water and he was soon sitting in the water as well.

The water made O2 and E temporarily insane
This scientist can see no other explanation to this type of phenomenon that happens around water. The feel, sound, and mystical power of water effects the brain in many unknown ways, but, one thing is for sure - children cannot resist touching it, stepping in it, or completely drenching the only clothes they have at that time and having to drive home naked in order that their carseat remain dry. Some may label this behaviour as temporarily insane?
Is it?

Kingston | 10:51

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