Monday, 18 August 2014



Garden Update

There has been a record amount of raspberries produced this year - over 40 cups so far!
3 of the many cups picked this year
The Ministry of Urban Agriculture is extremely happy with the results, and would like to send out a big thank you to all of the citizens of the PUTP who made sure that this overwhelming amount of berries were put to good use. Wastage (unpicked berries, smooshed berries, accidental droppage, uneaten berries, etc.) was unbelievably low, some estimates put it around three handfuls.
Stats revealed a majority of these berries were consumed raw by those under the age of 18. 
The second highest user of the berries was the bakery. Resident baker Jen made two delicious pies.
Many cups of berries are required to make a pie
Mmm, mmm, delicious.
The small remaining amount have been used in yogurt, in home made popsicles, or frozen for future use in muffins.

Non-Raspberry News

During this mid-summer period very little produce, other than raspberries, were harvested from the garden. A bowl of lettuce, half a dozen late strawberries, and fifteen yellow beans were the latest totals. However, a variety of other plants are still growing and thriving.

Container planting has sprung up with vigor. A late start to some dwarf sunflowers looks very promising.
Photo circa mid July

As does the green container of basil.

Photobomber Oskie strikes again

Zucchini production this year is extremely low. Last year's totals were in the high twenties, while this year there is only a single oddly shaped squash. Possibly with the help of the sacred hear-see-speak no evil owl idol to look over the plant many late blooming zucchini will grow. 

A birthday present for Dad is thought to hold some mystical growing powers.

As a reminder, do not get too close to the zucchini as they have small thorns.
The Tomato plants have reached that point where they are much taller than the cages that are intended to keep them contained, and therefore, they have started their normal 'spreading'. The north-east quarter of the garden is now completely overwhelmed with the orange heirloom and the yellow grape plants. If you look closely in the picture below, behind the giggling baby, you will see an abundance of green tomatoes. A promising indicator of a grand harvest.

A giggling baby is also thought to have mystical growing powers on plants.


  1. Wow on the raspberries. What a wonderful year. This year has been a good year for all berries, even the wild ones. We managed to collect a ton of wild raspberries, and ate every last one :)

    The rest of your garden looks good. Our zucchini was doing well, but has slowed down. Enjoy those tomatoes.

    Happy gardening!

    1. Thanks Kim. I've been working on expanding my raspberry plants for six or seven years now - started with just a couple of canes. I'd really love to have even more, but, it's tough trying to cram everything I want in our small garden, just four by twelve feet.
      Hey, I noticed you are from Ontario. Where abouts? We are in Kingston.

    2. I just popped over to your space from the comment you left on my blog, and figured out that I stopped in last week via Soulemama :)

      I totally get trying to cram everything, we are always trying to add more.

      We are in Ontario, in Pontypool, which is in the Peterborough area. Not far at all :)

  2. Well done on the raspberries. They look gorgeous!

    1. Your 'winter' garden looks great too. Do raspberries do well down under?