Tuesday, 30 September 2014



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There is one autumn tradition that has been going on for at least a decade now - apple pickin'. Every year around this time the folk from the Place Under The Pine drive out highway 33, past the old homestead in Bath, until they reach Wynn Farms.
A bushel of apples is picked, a squash or some cider from the roadside stand is bought, and the crew is back on the road home (a smuggled, half eaten apple in hand) to enjoy a big Sunday dinner.

We typically start the trip with annual picture taken by the Mac sign. This started when Lolli was a wee one and has continued to this very day.

It is a challenge getting all three to stay still for a pic when there are apples to be picked.

After the event Oskie settled in with an apple and we got our Mac sign picture.

Inside joke.

A chip off the old block eh?
Although we go every year, it is different every time. Some years the apples are huge. Some years they are small. Some years we run deep with an entourage of our extended family. Sometimes, like this year, our entire crew fit into one van.
As well, the farm has grown over the years. They have adding a corn maze and some photo friendly put-your-head-through-the-hole signs like these...

Yee haw.

Grammy and Papa came this year

Historically this trip would take upwards of an hour, but, lately with more young and able helpers a bushel of apples can be picked in about fifteen minutes. On a similar note, a bushel of apples which used to take upwards of a month or more to eat, can be used up in a couple of weeks. A new tradition of two trips to the orchard may the new norm in upcoming years.

This year the weather was warm, and the apples were tasty, and the company was all in good spirits. As always the children obeyed the special orchard rules we have taught them over the years.

Reminder: No climbing the trees!

Reminder: Try an apple before you pick from that tree.

Reminder: Stuff a few extra apples in your pocket to really get your money's worth....an old family tradition!

The next few days after apple pickin' were full of apple themed baked goods. The wonderful smells of apple muffins and apple crisp filled the PUTPs.

Sliced, spiced, and sugared.

The secret crumble is added.

The apple goodness is enjoyed by all.

Can't wait for next year!


  1. Looks like a great apple picking trip! Always a fun fall activity. Your apple creations look delicious. We have plans for yet another apple crisp today :)

    1. Mmm, apple crisp. I'm always up for a big slice/spoonful of warm apple crisp.

      It looks like you had a good time apple picking as well, http://www.motheringwithmindfulness.com/2014/09/visiting-apple-orchard.html