Wednesday, 8 April 2015



Pine Tree Press | Events

For the past eight years now the Place Under The Pine has been quiet on Good Friday. No, the citizens are not practicing a quiet religious ritual...they are out hunting for plastic eggs full of candy!
The routine is the same; early morning arrive at the Place Under The Apple Tree, hunt for eggs in the park across the street, gather for homemade waffles and other brunch things.

An excited trio

Oskie had to be held back, he was just so you can tell
Do your egg hunting face.

Off they go! The little ones get a one minute head start.
Those eggs are hidden everywhere.
Look on the trees
How many? One...two...four...
The bigger kids waste no time once the gun sounds....BANG...they're off!
An egg gathering machine!
Look, three to four pounds of chocolate in this bag!


Pine Tree Post | Crime
No matter what security measures the Place Under The Pine puts into place the Easter Bunny always manages to get inside the house. The doors were locked, windows sealed, even the air vent for the dryer was shut tight. However, Sunday morning when the citizens woke they found candy and chocolate spread throughout the living room. 
In response to this break in Elli has volunteered to stand guard the entire night next year.
This year the Easter Bunny seemed to take his time and have a little fun. There were signs that he was playing with the toys - leaving candy in the hands of dolls or hidden out of sight in plastic pirate treasure boxes! He also meticulously placed jelly beans on door handles, light switches, and every nook and cranny in the living room. He really made a mess this year. The young ones had to search long and hard to find every hidden treat.

Little hockey guys playing with jelly bean pucks!

Jelly bean pucks disappear into Oskie's mouth. He does want to be a goalie!

Yes, I have shorts over my pants.
We are not 100% sure why the Bunny upped the degree of difficulty in the 'egg hunt' this year. It actually seemed kind of inconsiderate since this was Oskie's first year being able to participate. Luckily, Oskie was happy to stuff his mouth full of the first six beans he found...then lie on the couch in a semi-sugarcoma while the Bigs found the rest of the hidden booty.

That was number six - he is starting to get blurry vision

One candy into the bag.

One candy out of the bag...into my mouth!

It appears the Bunny has drastically changed the way he hides eggs and the treats he leaves. The first year of the Place Under the Pine, when the population was only three (two adults and a one year old Lolli) the Easter Bunny hid Cheerios and raisins. Compare that to today, the Bunny leaves pure sugar beans and foil wrapped chocolate eggs. Times they are changing.

A much deserved sugar crash!


  1. Ah yes...the days of the Easter bunny. When our kids were hopped on sugar and chocolate. This year with 3 teens and a 10 year old...the bunny left a bowl of the sugary stuff on the table for them to graze...guess the bunny was getting a little lazy :)

    1. Maybe he was just rushed for time after playing with the toys at our house and eating the snack the kids left out for him?

  2. The Easter bunny is a changing...or maybe getting lazy :) Looks like you had a fun weekend.