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GU2014 - 2

Tomato Transplant
One of our two tomato plants
There has been one failed transplant. A rainbow striped tomato, imported from the plant guy who sells plants every weekend off his driveway on McEwen Drive, withered and died. However, in its place one of the home grown Orange Heirloom from last year was planted and appears to be thriving.
This was the last available spot, and cage, that would accommodate a tomato plant, which leaves the PUTP with a surplus of four Orange Heirloom seedlings. These will be raffled off as the first ever PUTP's prize give-away extravaganza (see prize draw at the bottom of this post).

Sprouting Zucchini 
Zucchini's are a sproutin'
The first leaves of the zucchini plants are popping up. This late start was intentional in an effort to use the small garden space as efficiently as possible. Zucchini plants do take up vast amounts of space and will crowd out any neighbouring plants. Their placement in the 2014 garden is right next to the strawberry plants. In a few weeks when the zucchini plants are overtaking everything it will not impact strawberry production as they will be done for the season. That's your garden committee planning hard at work.

Raspberry Blooms
Look at all those potential berries!
This year the amount of flowering blossoms appear to be at a record high. The density, as seen by the picture, shows that in about two weeks the picking crew will need to be ready with five gallon buckets.
If you would like your own raspberry plant, we do have plenty of excess canes sprouting up between the paving stones.

Other Berry News
This year's first berry! Yum!
The first strawberry of the season has been picked. Tasters raved about its sweet strawberry flavour. Since that time six berries have ripened. Of those six, 50% were unedible, being bitten by some rodent or bird. An emergency garden committee meeting is being held to discuss solutions to this terrible situation. Any suggestions from the public on ways to deal with this problem would be greatly appreciated and considered.

More strawberries to come...

Now, the part you've all been waiting for...

Resident Showcase Model

If you are interested in one of the surplus Orange Heirloom tomato plants, please leave a comment and/or share this post on your facebook page and your name will be submitted into a random draw to be held in the next week.
Please note, winners must be local or willing to travel to the Place Under the Pine in the next few weeks*. 
*You must pick up your own winnings when it is convenient for the PUTP garden committee.

A very artistic and dramatic view of a brussel sprout plant, don't you think?

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