Monday, 7 July 2014



PUTPs first stick stickered car - a five member mobile! Two sharp looking parents, one girl who skips, a boy who plays hockey, and a now walking toddler who can flick a soccer ball up into the air multiple times. HONK HONK

Even though the Place Under The Pine has only one vehicle, the Ministry of Transport/People Moving thought it imperative that a unique identification method be applied to every motorized vehicle in the nation. 

Effective immediately : Every motorized vehicle is required to show how many frequent users ride in the car/van/truck using a simple method of identifying stickers (IDS).
The IDS method is very simple, a sticker representing each rider is applied to the rear window of the vehicle. Each stick figure must bear some resemblance to the rider it is intended to identify. For eg, a figure may have glasses, be participating in a sport that rider is known to like/participate in, be of a certain size in comparison to other figures, etc.

**Figures depicting rude behaviour will be removed immediately and a fine and/or time out time could be applied to offending citizen**

If a vehicle with these IDS are seen driving down the road, one is to honk a greeting (two short toots indicate HELLO, I SEE YOU).

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