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E's "New" Bike

DIY special insert

Here in the Place Under The Pine we make it a priority to be resourceful, for a good many reasons. We like the feeling of being able to solve our own problems. We like the environmental reasons; turning trash into treasure, or just keeping something out of the landfill. The kids also learn some great life skills and they have fun doing it. And, you cannot forget the bonus of saving some cash in the process.

This latest DIY project started last summer when E outgrew his little blue bike and started riding the 'Pretty Extreme' pink bike.
The Pretty Extreme's colours clashed with most of E's outfits. Something needed to change.
This bike, which was originally found on the side of the road, was Lolli's ride a few summers ago. It was kept in the backyard, unused, for a summer with the intent of fixing it up as soon as E was old enough to ride it.
Free Bike circa 2011
Well, a year after pedaling the pink bike around, a trip was taken to the Home Depot and a can of spray paint was bought. E walked down the spray paint aisle and within minutes his vision locked onto the Tremclad Metallic Red! "Red with sparkles" is how he described it.

The transformation started with the wheels being removed. Then copious amounts of painters tape and newspaper were wrapped around the parts that were to remain unpainted. The can of paint was shaken vigorously, as instructed, and everyone had a turn letting that red-shiny paint fly. A quick spray of black on the handlebar and we repeated the process again. Two coats completely covered any hint of the previous pink.

E was put to work reattaching everything his old Dad couldn't figure out.
Throw me the 5/16th will ya?

Some aftermarket accessories were added to bring a bit of dazzle and originality - a ringy bell, tinkly spoke thingies, two (count em) two lights, and a new reflector.

Not bad looking for a bike that was found on the side of the road years earlier. Total cost for this transformation ($10 spray paint, $10 in accessories): $20. Having a new bike: Priceless!
The 'New' Bike
However, a small problem arose on the inaugural ride of the 'new' bike - the training wheel broke!
This turned out to be a good thing though, as it motivated E to try riding the bike two wheel style. Being who he is, he succeeded first try and has not looked back.

Vintage picture of E without scrapes on knees and hands.

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