Monday, 3 November 2014


It's Muppet Night Tonight

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Every year the entire population of the Place Under The Pine dresses up for Halloween. It had been a tradition practiced before the Place Under The Pine even existed! Typically, a theme is agreed upon and costumes are patched together. The citizens enjoy searching the backs of closets, used clothing stores, and Michael's to patch together some good ol' fashioned DIY costumes.  Looking back...

2008 - Witches

2010 - Fairies and Gnomes

2013 - Peter Pan and crew
This years theme was partially inspired by a tight fitting bear costume - wokkawokka

Oskie was squeezed into this somewhat ill fitting bear costume and looked 'too cute' in it. With the feet cut off, a hat glued on, and a bow attached to the front he looked exactly like Fozzie Bear!

E was eager to be Super Gonzo, even though he did not seem to really know what a Super Grover was. Anything with a cape and a big blue nose sounded cool to him.
A blue hoodie and blue pants started the costume, with a G labelled basketball jersey and sport shorts overtop. The nose was made from a stuffed sock and some pipe cleaner. The eyes are styrofoam balls.

Lolli was a fabulous looking Miss Piggy complete with ten pounds of jewels and a pig nose (which was of extreme interest to Oskie - oink oink). She was clad in a wonderful dress picked up at the Value Village and a wig modified with pink pig ears made out of felt. Lolli really got into the role as you can tell by the pictures.

Matty was Kermit. By far the easiest costume to put together - a green hoodie, green pants, green mitts, and eyeballs hot glued onto the top. Though a bit on the bland side when alone, if put in the with the rest of the Muppet crew it looks much better - the power of a theme!

The star of this year's costumes had to be Jen's Beeker outfit. Mostly made up of a mix of her clothes, Matt's clothes and a lab coat, it was the head that made this costume stand out. Jen made the head out of paper and hot glued on some fleshy coloured corduroy material. Same thing with the hair, glued on to the inside edge of the top. Both materials were remnants bought at the Value village.

Meep Meep

Together, the Muppet crew were a sight to be seen walking down the street.

I wouldn't want to meet this crew in a dark alley!

That's all folks!


  1. Love them all! I'm not organized enough to get my whole family themed!

    1. What? You had a great theme, one dear to me own heart - book characters . Some of my favs; Olivia the pig & Tin Tin! Great job on the Olivia outfit.

  2. Ha, looks like you had a great time. Wonderful costumes!

    1. Thanks Kim, we did have a great time - maybe us adults more than the kids. It's one of those few times that it is socially acceptable to dress up.