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Over the years many outside sources have commented on the food eaten by the citizens of the Place Under the Pine. Most of the feedback has been of unabashed envy mixed with hints of health conscious confusion. Meaning a lot of comments such as, "wow!" or "...and your kids eat that?" or "how healthy of you, Mr & Mrs Green Giant from Organic Mountain!"
There have even been reports from school of the teachers gathering around Lolli's lunch and applauding...or that is how far the tale has grown.
If you ask any of the citizens about their lunch or dinner they will respond with something along the lines of - that's how we have always eaten and we are blessed to have such a great cook in the house (who can even make brussels sprouts mouth watering while keeping them healthy!).

In response to all of the inquires from the public, about what is eaten behind closed doors, this special food related post will give a glimpse into the kitchen of the PUTP.
A camera was kept handy, and all cookers and eaters were asked to randomly take pictures of their food for a week. Here are the results.
"The Tuesday Night Workhorse" - Fish on roasted vegetables, Risotto, Squash

Sole, carrots, zucchini


Oskie's plate - squished acorn squash, roasted vegetables, risotto, fish. Yes, he ate every bite.

Wednesday's Lunch - A new recipe for Taco Tarts was tried out and given rave reviews!

E's lunch - snack bowl (muffin, raspberries, trail mix), apples, pears, taco tarts, apple sauce

Taco meat in a tortilla baked in a muffin tray (sour cream on the side)

Matt's Lunch - banana, homemade salad dressing, salad, pita with peanut butter, muffin, grapes

Halloween treats for the classroom - One eyed purple people eater cupcakes (approx 60)

Even the eye is edible...mmm
Leftover cupcakes for home - Matt liked the lemon cupcakes with homemade purple buttercream icing! He wanted an eye though - poor Matt.
A Friday Lunch - the dreaded "please-don't-judge-me-it's-friday-lunch"

Pasta, pears, oranges, apple sauce (again), grapes raspberries, homebaked muffin

Matt's Friday Lunch - leftover chicken taco soup (must have had that for dinner the night before), olive bun, iceberg lettuce

Beef stew with dumplings - a classic with a twist (parsnips)

This is the stew heating up the next day for lunch - double meal **ARM PUMP**

"A weekend in Paris lunch" - Jen whipped up a quick brie on Saturday for lunch.

Brie with walnuts. Baguette to dip.

Daddy even did some cooking - twice!

First up - Classic Grilled Cheese

Oat and Honey bread with plain ol' cheddar - ketchup was added to plate seconds later.

Second 'Meal' - Pasta with alfredo sauce

Cook pasta, add sauce, serve - if Matt can do it you can too!
A couple of Banana bread loaves - one with nuts

The one on the left has the nuts

More Lunches - Looks like that banana bread (nutless of course) has some cream cheese on it. The sandwich (ham on croissant) is E's. The quesadilla (cheese) on the right is about to be cut up and put in Lolli's lunchbox. The yogurt has frozen mango pieces in it.

This is done the night before school. In the morning Jen will add even more food (cheesestrings or granola bars) as the kid's eat a lot - a whole lot!

Another Lunch - Left side is Lolli's. Outside of the picture is a tub of hummus, she had cut up pita and carrots to dip in it. The green thing is an avocado (fun fact, only 1 kid in E's class knewswhat an avocado is...scary, but, true). The snack bowl had mini muffins (homemade cranberry and lemon) and fruit.
Right side is E's Lunch. Apples and peaches. Cheese and crackers. Turkey pepperette things (from Costco) and a similar snack bowl to Lolli's.

Lunchtime is funtime.

Stuffed Pepper - when peppers go on sale this is one way to use them.

Stuffed peppers with roasted green beans in the background.

If you do not believe any of this report, here is actual proof - a verified picture of a child eating one of them strange, trendy, health foods - this one is an avocado (plain, no salt, no nothing...not even hot sauce!)
He is saying, "Yum"

*Not pictured in blog - bag of Cheetos.


The Food Board is interested in what other people are eating around the world. They are always looking for new food ideas. They encourage you to keep a camera handy and take pictures. Submit pictures (or links to pictures) in the comment section, via twitter, or on Matt or Jen's facebook page.
If you would like recipes on any of the foods pictured above comment below and Jen will be contacted - except for the grilled cheese recipe :)


  1. Or maybe Oskie is saying "run"? It's hard to tell sometimes.

    1. In reality he was probably saying, 'you guys are the best parents a boy could have'. Too bad I didn't have the video recorder on...