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Lolli, whom some call the 'eldest', turned 9 this week. To celebrate this event the Place Under The Pine turned into a spa where Lolli and her friends (and yes, her little brothers had to be there too) could come for a relaxing facial, a manicure, a foot scrub...all those wonderful relaxing things that happen at spas. Hot rocks were not included due to the risk of burns.

If you are familiar with the PUTP you would not have recognized the joint with all of the fru-fru decorations, relaxing nature sounds filling the air, and the unmistakable smell of nail would, however, be mildly surprised to know that the set up was done only hours before due to a hard hitting flu like sickness that struck every single citizen in the PUTP, except Oskie. Nothing like the power of the people to put together an event like this against overwhelming odds.

Tissue paper puffs - Pine Tree is seen in the background

100% cotton balls

The spa parlour is set up and ready

Handmade signs by Olivia herself advertising the amenities - pedicure, manicure, facial...

Olivia's Spa

The guests began arriving at 5:00 pm. They were provided a filling dinner and an some refreshing spa water.

Then guests were then invited to make their own lip balms.

A mix of luster dust and petroleum jelly (aka Vaseline)

Purple and pink dust made these balms shine

Unique names were given to the balms - Pinkalicious pink is shown above

After the lip balms were finished being mixed, jarred, and named, a customized facial mask was created by each person. The spa provided only the finest natural ingredients including ripe avocado, Balkan style yogurt, and organic honey.

Green is synonymous with health

Green facials

With facials underway the guests were escorted into the spa's parlour where they could relax, de-stress, and find some inner solace. Suitable snacks and magazines were provided.

Spa themed snacks

Painted toe cookies

Nail polish mallows

Foot soaks and scrubs were a well received part of the night's spa package.

The dirty feet brothers showed up just in time for a harsh scrub

Clean em'

Manicures were also a part of the evening, with many bright and sparkly colours to choose from.

Do you have Pinkalicious pink?

After this intense spa experience many of the girls found new reserves of energy which needed to be released - dancing energy, creative energy, pedicure energy...all types of loud, busy, messy energy filled the PUTP until the spa closed down at 9 pm.

Perhaps some practice is in order?

Olivia is now officially nine, with painted fingers and toes to prove it.

Olivia: Age 9 | Shown here with her new American Girl Doll


  1. Smiling from ear to ear- looks like and epic party!
    Happy belated birthday :)

    1. It was a little crazy, and loud, at the end. But, that's the sign of a good party!

  2. Happy birthday Olivia!!! Wow, what a party. The photo of the girls with their masks on, heads back on the sofa, and feet in the water...priceless!

    1. The girls really embraced the whole spa theme. I was kind of surprised when, at one point, they were all quietly reading their magazines to themselves. A bookworm party if I ever saw one.