Wednesday, 11 March 2015


On a quiet weekday, a week or so ago, the strangest thing happened.

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It started out as an uncommon day with both parents home. They were gone the morning - a doctor's appointment was the reported reason - and when they arrived home at approx noon they had a strange glint in their eyes...and a small bag of groceries in hand.

The patio door was then forced open, as it was frozen shut, and Matty took a step outside into the snow which was at least two feet deep. Snow started flying and scraping noises could be heard for a minute or more and then he came back in. Soon after, steam and smoke could be seen wafting around the back yard. The BBQ had been ignited!

Is it even possible to use the BBQ under that much snow?

Heat and flame are snow's mortal enemy!

At that same moment Jenny was mixing up a bright coloured concotion in a small sauce pot.

Nacho "Cheese"

Only a few minutes later they were seated at the dining room table eating...eating food that is a) rarely seen in the PUTP (the case of BBQ hot dogs in the winter) OR b) Never seen the in PUTP (the case of the nacho 'cheese').

It was an odd day for sure.

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  1. Hope you enjoyed it. We are hardcore, we bbq all winter long :)